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Bespoke Personalised Typographic Word Art

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Who is Keeko Designs and what do they do?


-Tell us a little bit about Keeko Designs and what you offer?

Keeko Designs unique artworks record memorable details from your child’s birth that most of us often forget. Using stylish typography, bright fashion-forward colours and luxury damask patterns we create modern pieces of contemporary word art, personalised just for you. The perfect gift for any occasion.

When you first look at the artwork, your eyes are met with striking fonts and rich colours that show your personalised information, displayed for all to see. Whether you choose an A3 or 10”x10” framed print or a stretched canvas you will be thrilled with the exquisite quality of the artwork sitting within the elegant  wooden frame. Keeko Designs varied fonts and tones allow definition for each detail. There is something for everyone’s taste; icons; bold lettering; and stunningly simple initials.

-Setting up your own business is a big decision to make. What made you go down that route?

The idea for Keeko Designs, bespoke personalised typographic word art, was formed during my 1st pregnancy. I started looking for the perfect gift for my expected arrival. It had to be unique and something that would make me smile every time it caught my eye. It had to be timeless and transfer to whatever style of room my daughter grew into. Due to a distinct lack of inspirational art in the marketplace I used my extensive skills as a graphic designer to set about creating a piece of high quality personalised artwork that was for my daughter’s nursery. I created what is now the ‘Classic’ baby girl/boy personalised typographic word art. My daughter is now almost 6 and still loves her framed artwork in her room.


-Is there anything you would have done differently if you were starting from scratch?

Since Keeko Designs was set up in 2012, I have learnt so much along the way and have changed certain aspects of the business, however each element has been part of the adventure and brought us to where we are today.
-What’s the best bit about your job?

There are so many best bits but working for myself has meant that I have the flexibility to work around my children. This brings many challenges in itself but being mummy is the best job in the world. I do however feel it is important to have many dimensions to life to be able to grow and learn as a person a woman a mother and in my kids eyes, a super hero!
-What is the worst bit about your job?

When you own your own business I have found the most challenging part is balancing work and family life. This is especially the case when launching new products and designs. There are constant challenges when investing many hours building a successful business so taking on multiple roles is part of the journey.
-How do you get the inspiration to make your products unique?

Innocents and naivety are the most beautiful parts of childhood and my daughter and son as well as life itself and all the adventures that it has in store has certainly inspired me to create certain designs. We are all different and it is so important to celebrate that fact.

After living and working in Hong Kong and using my experience of the Far East, I want to emulate the personal service that is received when buying luxury items, where no request is to big. It is important not only to be a name on an email but also a voice at the end of the phone. I want you ‘the customer’ to have a great experience buying a Keeko design.
-Would you say your business is just baby related or caters to a larger audience?

Our portfolio has expanded to include designs for other momentous moments such as weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions.

-Any celebrity clients that have your products adorning their walls?

We have had a few celebrity clients, some of which prefer not to be named. However, the lovely Frankie Bridge from The Saturdays had a Classic personalised design created for her little boy Parker and Elen Riva’s, model and TV charity fundraiser had 2 personalised artworks made for her 2 girls Isla and Luna Coco Lampard.

-Can you give us one interesting fact about Keeko?

Whilst on holiday in Lake Como Italy, with my husband and family, Keeko is the name that I gave my bump when I was pregnant with my daughter. As the business started from an idea I had from her birth it seemed appropriate that she should be in the name.


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